‘The Diary of an Aspiring Self-Discipline Adept’ by Emily Clemons


The Diary of an Aspiring Self-Discipline Adept. Change your life in 4 weeks: Just 28 days to develop your willpower and start achieving your goals.It’s time to overcome your fears, laziness and habit!


What is the secret to happiness? 

This is the question we are all seeking an answer to although most of us know that it is achieving our dreams and leading a life where we fulfill our goals. However, we linger in the zone of “I wish I can do this and that.” We know what we need to do, but we are waiting for someone else to do it for us. We lie down on our couches watching others achieving our dreams. We all have great goals that we dream to reach. We all want to gain more money, have our own business, lead a fruitful marriage, be fit and reach inner peace, but we postpone all the things we want to do to the day when we will be ready.

But when are you going to be ready? Never. This is the truth.

If you keep on postponing taking an action to seek your dream, you will never do it. It is either you do it right away, or you don’t do it and keep on waiting for the right time that will never come.

Self-discipline is the key to success. 

Developing self-discipline is like developing any other skill, it requires learning, practicing and persistence. Self-discipline is the skill required to go the extra mile of personal growth and development and it can be easily attained if you will follow the steps mentioned in the book by Emily Clemons “Daily Self-Discipline”. The book will offer you insights, tips and exercises for a better daily self-discipline. It will boost your confidence and willpower to become a stronger and more determined person who can make up his mind on the goals he wants to reach and actually achieve them.

“The Diary of an Aspiring Self-Discipline Adept” is an useful supplement to the book “Daily Self-Discipline”. This diary will help you to put into practice all the techniques that are described in the main book. Using these methods you will bring out your incredible powers to take possession of your life. “The Diary of an Aspiring Self-Discipline Adept” will help you to integrate self-discipline into your daily lifein 4 weeks. And it will help you to restrain and rule your own habits.

Just 28 days to develop and strengthen your willpower! Just 28 days to start achieving your goals!

So what are you waiting for? 

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It’s time to overcome your fears and laziness and make your habits better!


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