Wonder Books Factory Publishing House

That’s amazing! That’s what you’ve never heard about before!
This unbelievable project will be useful and worthy both for book readers and its authors.
We called it - Wonder Books Factory!
Join our network to take part in an absolutely fantastic project!
What makes this project unique? We create books our readers need. You need.
De facto we are Social Network Publishing House.
That’s you who decides what books will be published in our Wonder Books Factory and what books will be released much before others.
You choose what theme is the most actual one for our group, for you and your friends.
You identify what questions and what problems should been revealed and discussed in our new books.
We cooperate with professional writers who are real experts each in their sphere. And Wonder Books Factory team is very attentive to every step of book creation starting from writing and up to publishing.
So that’s you members of our network who create a literature which will be useful and interesting for many years, decades or even century.
As a bonus - the majority of books which we create together will be available for free downloading for all members of the network for some period of time after publication.
So what are you still waiting for? Join our literature network ASAP and let’s start create literary heritage together!

How does it work?
Any member of our network can make any suggestion as for the new book creation at any time.
All you need is just to fill a small google-form. There you have to point out your name, a theme you are interested in and short description of what questions should be revealed in this book.
Once a week Wonder Books Factory team chooses TOP 10 themes which are determined as the most demanded ones throughout the network and puts them for public vote.
Voting results will determine TOP 3 themes.
And we’ll start working out them.
Some books will be published at the expense of Wonder Books Factory and for some others we will involve funds on crowdfunding principles. It’ll be depend on the complexity of the book.
Wonder Books Factory team will keep in touch with all members of network during all steps of books publishing process. And Wonder Books Factory team will inform about date of release, promo-period and date of availability for free downloading.

How does it work for authors?
If you are a creative person and you feel the ability to create and change our society for the better by means of literature – so Wonder Books Factory is also with you!
All you need is just to fill a small google-form. There you have to point out your name, the topic of the book, for which you'd like to involve funds, and a brief summary of what issues will be affected and disclosed in your work, what value your future book will bring to readers.
The winner among the authors will be chosen by weekly voting by members of the network.
The winner will receive a possibility to create his or her own book at the expenses of Wonder Books Factory and its network members.
Join Wonder Books Factory network right now! Start to create new!